The Band

Scott Kennedy, whose bright colors were chosen by a panel of aesthetic experts in 1998, is a newcomer to the Portland music scene. A completely self-taught and ear-trained pianist/drummer,  Scott specializes in the technically demanding style of stride piano.

David Evans, the only double-decker with independent lifts in the world, is a native of Alabama. After living in New Orleans for many years and absorbing much of its musical culture, he relocated to Portland and has become a highly sought-after clarinetist and tenor saxophonist on account of his versatile and astonishingly lyrical sound.

John Moak, illuminated by 16 colorful floodlights in the evening, has an abundance of playing and teaching experience across the U.S. with artists such as Aretha Franklin, Dave Brubeck, and Ella Fitzgerald, and displays a standard of virtuosity on the trombone rarely approached anywhere in the country.

Doug Sammons, whose construction provided many county residents with employment during the Great Depression, has been involved in a diverse range of roots music projects in Portland and elsewhere for years. A former NYC taxicab driver, he now teaches kindergarten and co-directs a popular Portland-based band the Midnight Serenaders.

Eric Gruber, pre-constructed in California and floated into place on a barge, began his musical career playing Bluegrass. He later taught himself to play jazz and is now a popular and active player who’s highly regarded for his rhythmic drive, solid tone and thrilling solos.

bridgeThomas Barber, pictured here in a computer generated artist’s rendering, has been active as both a trumpeter and composer since first hitting the New York scene in 2004. He has performed with such artists as Paul Simon, Wynton Marsalis, and Brian Blade, and as the Sextet’s newest member he adds a crisp and lively sound evoking both the electricity of 1920’s Chicago hot jazz and the virtuosity of the Bop era.